One year against manufacturing defects from the original date of purchase. Defective products will be repaired or replaced within that time frame.


Please take a moment to carefully read this information so your sunglasses may serve you for many years.

Care & Handling

While your sunglasses have been designed and manufactured under the highest quality standards in the industry, it is important that they are properly cared for. If you follow these simple guidelines, your sunglasses should provide you with many years of enjoyment. Clean your lenses regularly with a clean microfiber cloth using mild soap and water. Place lenses under warm running water to remove particles of dirt and dust. Dry gently with a clean cotton cloth. Never loosen or remove any of the screws. Avoid extreme conditions of heat and cold, like the dashboard of your car. Keep your sunglasses in their protective case when they are not being worn. Never lay the lenses face down on a hard surface.


Repair service is offered for sunglasses damaged by accidental breakage (accidental breakage is not covered by the limited warranty) and sunglasses for which the limited warranty has expired. For a nominal fee, Fisaly will repair or replace damaged lenses and frames. For repair questions, please email info@fisaly.com.

  • Clean your glasses regularly and often. The simplest and best way of doing this is to rinse them under running lukewarm water and use normal soap or a few drops of washing up liquid that does not contain ammonia. Rinse your glasses carefully afterwards to make sure there are no remnants of soap or washing up liquid left. You can also use specialist cleaners available at opticians.

  • Do not wipe dry glasses! It is important to rinse them in water, as any dirt on the lenses or frames can otherwise cause scratches. Once is enough to damage your glasses.
  • The absolute best way of polishing and cleaning your lenses is to use the polishing cloth provided when you bought your glasses. Do not use paper, towels, clothing or products containing silicone - they can scratch your glasses.

  • Keep your glasses in a hard, protective case when you are not using them.

  • Never place your glasses face down onto a tabletop or any surface - it can scratch the lenses! Use both hands when you remove your glasses to help them keep their shape better. Don't fold your glasses up if you are taking them off for a short while. Allow the sidepieces to stay open to reduce the impact on the screws.

  • After you have used them for while, all glasses need adjusting. Your optician will be happy to help you.

  • Never leave your glasses on the dashboard of your car or boat or in strong sunlight. Extreme heat can damage your eyewear. Don't wear your glasses in a sauna, for example, as extreme changes in temperature will put a lot of stress on the lenses.